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More Information

Citizen Feedback Form

      The Salisbury Police Department, in an effort to increase the flow of information to its citizens, believes that once you are made aware of potential problems you will take the steps to protect yourself. With this in mind, the Salisbury Police Department applied for and received a grant from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. This grant’s main purpose is the dissemination of information to both the patrol officer and more importantly, the citizens we serve. We are asking that you take a few minutes of your time to answer some short questions which we will use to improve this project. After completing the form, press the Submit button.

      Thank you for your time and we do appreciate any suggestions you may have. If you would rather submit the form by mail, e-mail (spd@salisburypd.com), or fax (410-548-5980), a form is available here.

1. Was crime prevention information relating to your neighborhood given to you?
2. If information was given to you, did you find it useful?
3. Were you informed of criminal activity in your neighborhood?
4. If your answer to question #1 was No, was the information offered to you?
5. Any additional comments on the project:
6. (Optional): Date/Time of Incident: