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More Information

Community Connection

Salisbury Safe Streets

    The City of Salisbury's Safe Streets program addresses high incidences of crime in the city and surrounding areas. Utilizing a security integration model of multi-agency collaboration with federal, state, local law enforcement, public safety agencies, and community partners, the program aggressively tracks offenders to reduce drug, gun, and other major crimes.

Crime Prevention Tips

Crime Prevention Organizations

Online Publications

Identity Theft Information

Highway Safety

Bicycle Theft Protection/ Registration

  • Please take the time to record the serial numbers of any bicycles you own. See below for tips on finding the serial number. Keep this information in a safe place in case the bicycle is stolen.  
  • Providing the serial number to the police in the event of a theft enables them to enter it into NCIC so that if the bicycle is located by another police department, they will know where the theft report was filed and can return the bicycle.
  • You can also mark your bicycle with a number or set of letters that are unique to you in a location on the bicycle that only you know.
  • The Salisbury Police Department Community Affairs section offers bicycle registration for City residents as a way to track your bicycle if it is stolen. Citizens may call Officer Matt Warren
    (410-548-3165) for information on bicycle registration or you can register online under the Forms and Reports Section.
  • If your bicycle was stolen and you are notified that it has been recovered, you can contact the police department Property Division (410-548-3165) to pick up the bicycle. You will need identification and proof that the bicycle is yours (proof of purchase or identifying marks) for it to be released to you.


E-Commerce Exchange Zone

The Salisbury Police Department has designated its lobby and public parking lot space for such transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We ask that you notify the on-duty personnel at Police Headquarters of your presence and your intention to engage in an “E-Commerce Exchange” transaction before your transaction takes place. An appointment is not required. Our designated “E-Commerce Transaction Zone” space is typically covered by video surveillance equipment. 

The goal of this “E-Commerce Exchange Zone" initiative is to help reduce victimization and prevent illegal transactions. This offer does not extend to transactions involving the sale of any contraband, stolen property, gun sales, or the sale of illegal items or prohibited services.